Starting at the end of October, I’ll be teaching three online editing courses and one bootcamp course for SFU. If you’re interested, the courses include Editors and Editing: An Introduction, Stylistic Editing, and Business Processes in Editing.

The bootcamp course is called The Business of Freelance Writing. The one-day course focuses on finding clients, writing a business plan, negotiating a contract, and managing cash flow. Click the links above for more information or to register for any of the courses or the bootcamp.

Vancouver/Lower Mainland


Communications Coordinator, SEGA, Vancouver.

Communications Specialist, LifeLabs, Burnaby.

Content Strategist, Yellow Pencil, Vancouver.

Fund Development Coordinator, One Girl Can, Vancouver/Burnaby.

Senior Editor, Vancouver Magazine, Western Media Group, Vancouver.

Writer, Keela, Vancouver.


Email Marketing Specialist, Teradici Corporation, Burnaby (12-month contract).

Technical Writer, Vancouver (to March 31, 2017).

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